Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses 2017 1930's & Feedsack Reproduction Prints Block of the Month Club!

WOOHOO!! Our 2017 1930's & Feedsack BOM is currently full. Thank you everyone that joined up!  If you wanted to join and did not get a place, please email me and I will let you know when we have openings! 
xo Jan

I am super excited to announce the launch of our 
2017 Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses 1930's and Feedsack Reproduction prints Block of the Month Club exclusively from Featherweight Quilt Company!

  This will be a 10 month program running March 2017 thru December 2017. Once subscribed you will be automatically enrolled in our club program.

What you will receive:

 Each month for 10 months you will be sent a package that will include adorable and fun fabric to create three Patchwork of the Crosses quilt blocks along with a Paper Pieces 100 piece package of 1" Honeycomb cardstock templates. We will be making 30 Patchwork of the Crosses quilt blocks using a 5x6 block layout. 

 Fabrics will be focused on 1930's and Feedsack Reproduction prints along with coordinated dots, stripes and solids. You will also receive a 100pc package of 1" Honeycomb cardstock templates. You will use 72 of the Honeycombs each month to make your POTC blocks and the remaining 28 each month you will use for part of your background honeycombs. You will need to purchase 4 - 6 yards of background fabric and 2 - 3 yards of connecting and cornerstone fabric of your choice separately. I recommend you purchase plenty of background and connecting/cornerstone fabric in case you decide to make a larger quilt. Each month there will be at least one additional fabric remaining from your block fabrics that can be used for the centers of the cornerstones for a fun and scrappy look. I do reserve the right to substitute fabric where necessary.

 We will also have a facebook group for subscribers only where we will show and discuss layout and occasional fussy cutting options so I encourage you to join the facebook group.  I will not be showing block layout every month however occasionally there will be opportunities to fussy cut and I will share these along with other tips and techniques within the facebook group. I will also be sending out periodic newsletters.

 You do need to have a basic knowledge of English Paper Piecing. There is a Patchwork of the Crosses tutorial at the top of this blog.
 I do recommend using the 1" Honeycomb Acrylic for cutting your shapes and for occasional fussy cutting. I also recommend a good quality thread.My favorite thread for English Paper Piecing is Aurifil 50 weight. I also recommend Foxglove Cottage Straws or Sharps Needles. I use sizes 10 or 11. If you are not familiar with these needles, I have Sample packs and vials in my ETSY shop along with Acrylics and threads. I also have the 1" Square cardstock templates and acrylics along with edge finishing pieces. I cannot combine orders from the ETSY shop with the BOM subscription. 

 Currently the 2017 Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses 1930's and Feedsack Reproduction prints Block of the Month Club is open to US residents only. The program is a 10 month program and will run March 2017 thru December 2017 and is noncancellable.  The costs of the Club is $24.95 per month and this includes shipping within the United States. I do not keep your credit card information on file.  Each month March thru December 2017 you will receive a Paypal invoice by the 5th of each month for $24.95. You may remit payment from your Paypal account or by credit/debit cards thru paypal. Your BOM Club kit will ship within 3 business days after receiving cleared payment. (Please note that e-checks take longer to clear and may delay shipment. I do recommend setting up a Paypal account.)

 Signup forms are below. ( If you are having problems with the signup form, please contact me).  Be sure to use the correct email and mailing address of where you would like your 2017 Patchwork of the Crosses 1930's Feedsack Reproduction Prints BOM Club package to be sent. Please fill out ALL lines of the form. You will be sent a confirmation email that you must validate before your registration is complete.  There are only a select number of memberships available and the signup form will be removed when all the spaces are filled.  By signing up below, you agree to participate in the full 10 month program.

I am so excited to start on this fun and exciting BOM with you! 
Please let me know if you have any questions.
xo jan

PS. There will also be a few little surprises and treats along the way :)!

UPDATE:     We are currently full - please email me and I will keep your name on a list for when we have openings. xo jan

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses Tutorial

  Patchwork of the Crosses by Lucy Boston is easy to make and so much fun to English Paper Piece. Lucy made her original quilt by the English Paper Piecing method and today I would like to share a tutorial on how to make these fun and intriguing little blocks! 

1. Gather your supplies . ( I have kits and supplies available in my ETSY shop)  .
2. Thread: My favorite thread to use when English Paper Piecing is Aurifil 50wt. 
    Colors shown are    1100,2000 &2888. 
3. Needle : I love Foxglove Cottage Straws 10 or 11's. ( I also love using a Ring Pincushion)
4. Scissors
5. Applique pin. Applique pins are short so your thread will not get tangled on the pin.
6. 1" Honeycomb Acrylic and templates. I use Paper Pieces acrylic and cardstock templates exclusively. Also available in my ETSY shop.
7. Basting thread or Glue Pen. You can either glue baste or thread baste. I prefer Fons & Porter.
8.  Lead pencil or pen for tracing your shapes.
9. Fabric for your block. I have all types of coordinated fabric kits available in the shop also.


After you have all the honeycombs basted you can start assembling the block as follows:
 With right sides together:

   And here is your finished Patchwork of the Crosses block! Wasn't that fun? I leave my paper templates in my blocks until they are joined onto the connecting blocks. ( You can remove the center 8 if you want to reuse them, but leave the outside papers in place).

 I have Starter Kits and supplies available in my ETSY shop. I can also substitute this block for any of the blocks currently available in my ETSY Shop if you prefer different fabrics. I would LOVE to help you get started on your Patchwork of the Crosses journey! 

  We are currently offering Mystery Patchwork of the Crosses kits in the shop! These kits provide the fabric and the cardstock templates to make a beautiful fussy cut Patchwork of the Crosses block. The Mystery kits are so fun because you get all the color and scale coordinated fabrics you need to make a block, but you get to decide where you want to fussy cut and the layout arrangement. 
You do not have to sign up for the Mystery Kits. This is an ongoing offer, so you can start, stop and start at anytime with no set number of blocks to purchase.

    Also, please stop by my Facebook page! I'd love to see you there too! I post on facebook when new kits available so be sure to "Like US"  and "See First" as kits are limited. And I would love to see your blocks so be sure to share!!! And stop by my Pinterest page for lots of Patchwork of the Crosses inspiration! 

AND I have a new and fun Patchwork of the Crosses program coming soon! 

1930's and Feedsack Reproduction Prints Patchwork of the Crosses! This will be so much fun. Be sure to watch Facebook for my announcement for when these kits are available! 
    I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to see what you create!
Happy Stitching!
xo jan

PS. Please be respectful and do not leave comments below selling or suggesting other       products/methods.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My January!

 Oh Dear Sweet January! I hate to see you go! I LOVE January! A fresh start to a New Year!  And such mild weather this year!
    Look at that sweet Dixie! She is such a sweetie pie. She has a pin in her knee from an accident when she was 9 months old, so she is a pet instead of a working dog. She used to work with her sister Dixie, but I am afraid a cow may hurt her or more likely that she would get in a fight with a coyote or her sister, so she stays up close to the barns.
    Hubby and I walked all over the farm about 3 times searching for a cow that was about to calve. I was so tired that I just sat down on the tire of a wagon , leaned back and looked up! Of course the hubby just had to say " Well she won't be up there!" .  I said " No, Smartie Pants but a Met Life Blimp is :)!"  Sometimes it pays to look up.  After I rested a few minutes, I decided to recheck around the hay rings and sure enough, there she was hiding behind a tree. Cows will go off by themselves when they are ready to calve. She wound up having the calf late that night. And I caught a beautiful sunset on my way back to the barn.
  And just today the pulpwood company was burning off some timberland that they had already harvested. The beautiful blue sky and mild temps had me digging out some more gardening books. I love my vintage gardens books. My favorite is Kitchen Gardens by Mary Mason Campbell. There are quite a few drawings and a painting of a Cottage Garden that I love.
  I haven't made any progress on teaching myself Crewel. I have had fun with the little time I have had to spend with it. I've also been winding some more of my Peruvian Wool that I am knitting into a bed runner.
  I had some coordinating fabric for the Sailboat quilt so I made a pillowcase to use to gift it in. I love to make matching pillowcases for quilts. I store my quilts and sheet sets in pillowcases. It helps keep the linen closet tidy, keeps the quilts safe and organizes the sheet sets.
 The ETSY shop has been very busy. I am so grateful for that especially since the hubby has not been able to return to work yet.  I am working on setting up a 1930's and Feedsack Block of the Month! It is really going to be fun!
 And I finally got all the holiday decorations put away except for my Cottage in the Snow. I love leaving the light on in the cottage at night, so maybe I will leave it out for a while longer. Maybe March, or April.
     And I almost forgot! Craftsy is having a one day event on Thursday February 2nd! They will have 14 Classes for only $14.00! Woohoo! I love Craftsy classes! And they also have Quilting supplies on sale!
  Goodbye January! I will miss you. Looking forward to February!
I hope all of you have had a great January! Let me know how your start to this new year has been!
Thank you all for stopping by!
Hugs and warm wishes!
xoxo jan

Friday, January 20, 2017

From sea to shining sea!

America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
from sea to shining sea!
On this very emotional day in history, I pray that ALL Americans will treat each other with kindness and respect.

We are all unique and special in our own right. Our FREEDOM to express that individuality is what makes America the greatest nation on Earth!

Have faith in one another. LISTEN as our friends and neighbors express what is in their hearts. Listen as they express their differences. Respect their right to hold true to their beliefs while still holding all that is true and right and honest to you close to your heart. Pray for your neighbor. Help your neighbor. Celebrate our differences and fight! Fight for a way to honor ALL Americans! We have to stand UNITED.

We can be different and hold different beliefs and still stand as one. Be flexible! Learn to compromise! Learn to have faith in each other no matter our differences, no matter who you voted for. I think on this incredible almost dis-believable day, it is up to each and every one of us to bring America together. To heal our broken hearts and homes. To return faith in us to the rest of the world. They are not only watching us you know, but their hope lies with us. Hope lives in the souls of not only Americans but in the hearts of people all over our beautiful Earth!

Freedom is not Free, however Kindness and Respect can be given freely and stem from an infinite well within each of us. You have to give a damn. It has to matter to each of us.

Bless you my friends!
Much love and peace to each and every one of you!

xo jan

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Endings and Beginnings .....

  It is so hard to believe that today is the last day of 2016! And I have a finish to squeeze in! I just picked up from the long arm quilter my Sailboats and Churn Dashes quilt made mostly from up-cycled Men's shirts. Three not very inspiring and lightly stained but well loved men's shirts! The quilt is for my second cousin born in 2015. The shirts were his Grandpas.
  It took me a little while to come up with a plan. I wanted to do something a little different and could not find a pattern utilizing men's shirts that I liked. I did however find Bonnie Hunters You Tube tutorial on de-boning a shirt! It is great! And FAST! And uses every little crumb!

            Wasn't that awesome! I loved the ripping instead of cutting! It really saves so much time! I had some great neutral Sky/Clouds fabric that wasn't sooooo directional that I had to worry about the which way the wind was blowing! lol!  I decided to use it for the background fabric and use the shirts for Sailboats! I had the dark blue anchor fabric in my stash and the light blue stars. I love using up stash! I paired some of the red shirt fabric with the anchors fabric for the churn dash blocks. I had intended to use the Shirt Pockets for the centers of the Churn Dash blocks, but two of three shirt pockets were stained. I decided to use the Friendship star in the sashing because it reminds me of a boat propeller. The light blue star fabric is a Minick & Simpson print that I have been hoarding. I had originally intended on a 3x3 layout, but since I had enough shirt fabric, I made it 3x4. It measures 50x64. I wanted the pattern to be not so "Baby" but suitable for a little boy growing up.
  My friend, Chris, longarm quilted it for me. I LOVE, LOVE the quilting. I wanted a simple pantograph that would represent ocean waves. I think it looks like both waves and wind. I will be ending 2016 with the Hubby watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve party on the tele and attaching the binding on my little Sailboat Quilts. I am excited about trying out Aurifil's new 80 wt thread for the binding! It is color # 2725!  I hope this will be a quilt that gets lots and lots of use and love!
   I am beginning 2017 making a quilt with my best online buddy , Debbie! For Christmas I got both of us the same book," History Repeated" by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle. I LOVE every quilt in this book!

    Debbie and I decided on one of the Carolina Lily patterns. We both love Civil War Reproduction prints and decided to do a block swap. She is making 2 each of half the blocks and I am making 2 each of half the blocks! We have spent the last few days texting photos of our fabric choices. This is so much fun. Debbie has been such a great friend to me and I really wanted to spend some time with her this year sharing what we love even though we are miles apart!

  I quickly made a trial block on my "newish" Singer 9960. It was a disaster! Nothing matched up even though I started out with a 1/4" seam allowance. The problem (besides the sewist, me) is that the feed dogs on the machine are so far apart that it pulls the fabric through at an angle. I fought this fact the entire time I was making the Sailboat quilt. So, I decided to pull out one of my older machines and give it a try!
  This is a Singer 401a , a workhorse of a machine and soooooo very fast! I almost sewed right over a finger. Sew far, sew good. I hope to get a good sample made up and start on that pile of fabric on the ironing board below tomorrow! Wish me luck! I definitely need it! I really want to send Debbie perfect blocks!

And my first Paper White is starting to open! I should have a full open flower by tomorrow, January 1 ,2017!

A new, fresh beginning for a new Year!
   I LOVE New Year's Day. It's like waking up from a long, restful night. Refreshed. A new start. New plans. New hopes and dreams!  And a new word for the year. Have you found your new word yet? I have but I will share that later in the week!
   Dear friends, my wish for all of you is a very Healthy and Happy New Year! I wish you LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Farm Love Friday 12/23/2016 - Merry Christmas!

       Holy Cow! I can't believe 2016 is almost over! I LOVE my "Holy Cow!" ornament my dear friend Karen Miller of Karen's Quilts, Crows and Cardinals sent me last year. I actually keep it out on a display shelf year round. The weather has been so unpredictable. The drought stole all my pecans off the old tree. A couple of weeks ago it so cold I was crocheting a new Beanie and neck warmer and browsing through my new seed catalog and dreaming of Spring. The Sky has been as blue as the old truck  and then, bang! The weather changed again! It is supposed to be 70 degrees here on Christmas Day! Our cows have already started putting on their winter hair too so they will be a little warm for a while. We did get a few seeds planted before it rained but to no avail. What the rain didn't wash away the crows ate. Our pastures are nonexistent so we are feeding hay, hay, more hay and Range cubes plus each pasture has a molasses tank.The cows seem fat and happy.  Hubby spent yesterday putting out more seed before the rain gets here tomorrow and next week. Hopefully it won't wash away and maybe the crows won't get it all. I brought my little Winter Homestead House into the living room . I love turning off all the lights and having just our Christmas tree, Winter Homestead and the Old Stone Church lit up. I also have 12 little Hallmark Church ornaments on a shelf that light up . I will get a photo of them next time.

  This afternoon as we were finishing up and the sun was setting, I really thought my heart would burst with gratitude. My heart runneth over. 2016 was a challenging year with the drought and hubby's cancer and surgery, but we made it! I think 2016 was the best year ever! I have so much to be Thankful for! Hubby's health continues to improve (they removed all the tumors) , we still do not have pastures but we do have hay and feed for our cows.I was able to hang onto my ETSY shop and it may have even prospered a little this year. And I have you! Dear sweet friends... Thank you for being there for me this year. Thank you for sharing little glimpses of yourselves and your lives with me and sharing in mine. It's been a challenge getting my blog voice back, but I'm working on it.

     My wish for you dear friends is Health and Happiness! I wish you and your family the very Merriest of Christmases! Those of you that may be living alone this Christmas, please remember that you are loved and that you are not alone! I wish you all the very, very best Happy , Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas dear friends!
With lots and lots of LOVE!
xoxoxoxo jan